28 May 2018

WrICE Travels to Indonesia

WrICE 2018 Writers and WrICE Alumni, Jakarta

WrICE, now in its fifth year, recently travelled to Indonesia with a group of writers from the region to take part in a collaborative residency in Yogyakarta, before appearing at a public festival in Jakarta, The Writers’ Series, with partner The Jakarta Post Writing Center, led by WrICE alumnus Maggie Tiojakin. WrICE 2018 writers were also joined in Jakarta by several WrICE alumni including Dai Fan, Norman Erikson, Xu Xi, Lawrence Ypil, Eliza Vitri Handayani, and Robin Hemley. Participating writers for WrICE 2018 are: Lavanya Shanbhogue Arvind (India), Andy Butler (Australia), Ali Cobby Eckermann (Australia), Han Yujoo (South Korea), Joshua Ip (Singapore), Fiona Murphy (Australia), Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas (Indonesia), Rajith Savanadasa (Australia), Dicky Senda (Timor), Saaro Umar (Australia) as well as WrICE co-directors Francesca Rendle-Short and David Carlin.  The WrICE writers will reunite in Australia in August and September for Melbourne Writers Festival.  WrICE is supported by the Copyright Agency.